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luni, 25 ianuarie 2010
Ok. Stiu ca am neglijat blogul, nu va suparati pe mine, promit ca o sa ma revansez. Acum nu prea am chef sa scriu, mi-e lene sa povestesc dintr-un context filosofic. Probabil ca mai tarziu o sa va aduc ultimele vesti. Pana atunci, have fun. Aaa, o leapsa de plictiseala, sa vedem cum ma percepe winampul in aceste momente ;d.

1. How do you feel today ?
Three Day Grace - Gone forever. (hai ca-mi place, incepuram bine ;d.)
2. What will you get further in life ?
April Sixth - The same as me. (ce sa inteleg din asta ?!)
3. How do your friends see you ?
Oceanlab - On the beach. (da, multumesc.)
4. Will you get married ?
Catherine Feeny - Mr. blue. (de rasul curcilor.)
5. What is your best friend's theme song ?
Voltaj - Vara trecuta. (goango, chiar ?!)
6. What is your life story ?
3 Doors Down - My world. (dar nu e vina mea.)
7. What was high school like ?
Breaking Benjamin - Water. (suna cunoscut.)
8. What is the best thing at your friends ?
Poets of the Fall - Save me. (I'm my own worst enemy.)
9. How can you get ahead in life ?
The Rasmus - The fight. (asa voi face.)
10. What is this weekend preparing for you ?
Animal X - Sambure de drac. (haha.)
11. What song describes you ?
Poets of the Fall - Fragile. (asta m-a atins la coarda sensibila.)
12. How is your life going ?
3Shift feat. Menthol - Don`t let me fall. (băi winampule, spui prea multe.)
13. To describe your grandparents ?
Wisin & Yandel - Abusadora. (sa mori tu =)) ?!)
14. What song will they play at your funeral ?
Mandalay - Beautiful. (nu ma fă să plâng.)
15. How does the world see you ?
Jason Derulo - Whatcha say. (nu-i corect.)
16. What are your friends truly think about you ?
Gianna Nannini - Meravigliosa creatura. (multumesc.)
17. Will you have a happy life ?
Iio - Is it love. (sa rad sau sa ma bucur ?!)
18. Are there people who loves you in secret ?
Dj Project - Hotel. (era sa zic ceva acum.)
19. Where would you want to be now ?
Simple Plan - When I`m with you. (se intelege.)
20. How do you feel about love ?
Dashboard Confessional - Blame it on the changes. (exact.)
21. What would you ask for if you had only one wish ?
Madonna - Celebration. (\m/)
22. What do people feel when they're around you ?
Velvet - Rock down to. (nice.)
23. When^how you will die ?
Green Day - Before the lobotomy. (omfg =)).)
24. Your boyfriend think about you ?
ATB - Ecstasy. (cum sa nu.)
25. What should you do with your life ?
Robbie Williams - Feel. (adevarul e ca nu prea simt.)

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